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Fully-featured, simple to set up, performant and extendable GraphQL JavaScript server

Get Started

Migration from Apollo Server#


You can start with installing graphql-yoga package.

yarn add @graphql-yoga/node

Install equivalent Envelop plugins of the Apollo Server#

Some features that are included within apollo-server by default must be installed as envelop plugins (Learn more about envelop plugins here).

Check out more plugins on Envelop Plugin Hub

Example initial usage of GraphQL Yoga#

For example if you are using Apollo Server Errors;


import { schema } from './schema' - import { ApolloServer } from 'apollo-server' + import { createServer } from '@graphql-yoga/node' + import { useApolloServerErrors } from '@envelop/apollo-server-errors' - const server = new ApolloServer({ + const server = createServer({ // You can also pass `typeDefs` and `resolvers` here directly if you previously use `ApolloServer` constructor to build your `GraphQLSchema` // schema: { typeDefs, resolvers }, schema, + plugins: [useApolloServerErrors()], }) server.start()

Migration from standalone apollo-server#

You don't need anything special. You can just use GraphQL Yoga as in the example above.

Migration from apollo-server-*#

Check the integration section to choose the server framework you are using with Apollo Server.

For example, if you are using Express, you should remove server.start() from the code above and replace server.applyMiddleware({ app }) with the route as in Express Integration section

- server.applyMiddleware({ app }) + app.use('/graphql', server)