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Apollo Federation with GraphQL Yoga#

Apollo Federation is a specification that applies microservice architecture through GraphQL APIs.

Thanks to Envelop's Apollo Federation plugin, we can use GraphQL Yoga to build our gateway server.

As documented in the Apollo Federation docs, @apollo/gateway package doesn't support GraphQL v16 so you have to install graphql@15 Please note that Apollo Federation implementation doesn't support GraphQL Subscriptions. If you need to use Subscriptions with a Federated Gateway you can use Schema Stitching


Installation for Gateway#

yarn add @graphql-yoga/node yarn add @apollo/gateway yarn add @envelop/apollo-federation yarn add graphql@15

Example Gateway#

import { createServer } from '@graphql-yoga/node' import { ApolloGateway } from '@apollo/gateway' import { useApolloFederation } from '@envelop/apollo-federation' // Initialize the gateway const gateway = new ApolloGateway({ serviceList: [ { name: 'accounts', url: 'http://localhost:4001' }, { name: 'products', url: 'http://localhost:4002' }, // ...additional subgraphs... ], }) // Make sure all services are loaded await gateway.load() const server = createServer({ plugins: [ useApolloFederation({ gateway, }), ], }) // Start the server and explore http://localhost:4000/graphql server.start()

Federation Service#

You don't need any extra plugins for Yoga for Federation Service.


yarn add @graphql-yoga/node yarn add @apollo/subgraph yarn add graphql

Example User Service#

const { parse } = require('graphql') const { buildSubgraphSchema } = require('@apollo/subgraph') const { createServer } = require('@graphql-yoga/node') const typeDefs = parse(/* GraphQL */ ` type Query { me: User } type User @key(fields: "id") { id: ID! username: String } `) const resolvers = { Query: { me() { return { id: '1', username: '@ava' } }, }, User: { __resolveReference(user, { fetchUserById }) { return fetchUserById( }, }, } const server = createServer({ schema: buildSubgraphSchema([{ typeDefs, resolvers }]), port: 4001, }) server.start().then(() => { console.log(`🚀 Server ready at http://localhost:4001`) })

Working Example#

Check our working example to try it out.